Human Modeling 2020 REPLAY

Human Modeling and Simulation in Automotive Engineering

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Reflections on 50 Years of Human Body Modelling and Future Challenges from a Global Perspective
Prof. Dr. Jac Wismans - SAFETEQ- Automotive Safety Consulting
Monitoring of Global and Tissue Level Brain Injury Metrics in the Context of Car Safety Assessment
Prof. Dr. Rémy Willinger, Dr. Caroline Deck, Dr. Nicolas Bourdet - University of Strasbourg
Computation of Pedestrian Brain White and Grey Matter Trauma Severity Considering Mechanical Ageing using the Finite Element Method
Dr. Christophe Bastien - Coventry University et al.
Development of a Finite Element Model of a Human Lateral Semicircular Canal of the Inner Ear
Dr. Daniel Baumgartner, Dr. A. Charpiot, Dr. M. Lamy, Dr. H. Vuong-Chaney - University of Strasbourg
Towards Model-based Neck Injury Criteria under Lateral Loading Conditions
Dr. Frank Meyer - University of Strasbourg et al.
Investigation of Fall Induced Proximal Femur Fractures Based on Anthropometric Variations using Human Body Models
Özgür Cebeci - IAT Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automobiltechnik mbH; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sara Checa Esteban - Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin Julius Wolff Institut; Prof. Dr. Duane S. Cronin - University of Waterloo
Royalty free THUMS
Tjark Kreuzinger - Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA; Takahiko Miyachi - JSOL Corporation
Influence of Prepositioning of the VIVA Model in the Simulation of Rear-End Impact Scenarios
apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Fehr, Fabian Kempter, Martin Staudenmeyer, Dr.-Ing. Christian Kleinbach - University of Stuttgart
Spinal Curvature Measurements to Position Human Body Models in Occupant Safety Applications
Daniel Hintze, Kai Ikels, Özgür Cebeci - IAT Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automobiltechnik mbH
Optimal Control of a Multibody Dynamics Based Digital Human Model for the Simulation of Dynamic Driving Maneuvers
Dr.-Ing. Michael Roller - Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM et al.
MUTANT – Multidimensional Analysis Tool
Desiree Kofler - Graz University of Technology et al.
Personalization of THUMS 5 (not only) for the Optimization of Rowing Seats
Prof. Dr. Manuela Boin, Nico Döbler - Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Handling of Human Body Models for Crash Simulation in the Pre and Post Processing Phases
Prof. Alessandro Scattina - Politecnico di Torino et al.
“Ergonomics” Based Occupant-positioning Approach for Safety Simulations
Hemanth Kumar G - Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Private Limited et al.
Positioning Methods and their Influence on the Human Body Models Posture, Kinematics and Injury Prediction
Matthias Schießler, Dr.-Ing. Andre Eggers, Julian Ott - German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
Human Body Model Positioning using the Oasys LS-DYNA Environment
Gavin Newlands, Galal Mohamed, James Ansty - Arup
Requirements for a Virtual Testing and Assessment Procedure with Human Body Models
Dr.-Ing. Andre Eggers - German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
Transition of a Pre-crash Occupant Kinematic to an In-crash Simulation Model
Dominik Breitfuß - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH
Introduction of the VIVA+ Vulnerable Road User Models
Dr. Corina Klug - Graz University of Technology et al.
Qualifying HBMs for Future Virtual Testing Scenarios
Prof. Dr. Steffen Peldschus - LMU University of Munich
Parameters of the Interior of Automated Vehicles
Martin Fleischer, Rongqian Li, Nikko Wendel, Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus Bengler - Technische Universität München
Automatic Generation of FEM Human Models Based on 3D Body Scan Data
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Math. Yordan Kyosev, Doudou Zhang, Dr.-Ing. Tino Kühn, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Habil. Sybille Krzywinski - Technische Universität Dresden
Human-Centric Assembly Cell & Line Validation
Andre Rückert, Marc Niemann - ESI Group
Posture Adaptation of Human Body Models Using Muscular Control
Fabian Kempter, apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Fehr - University of Stuttgart
Passenger Kinematics in Combined Driving Maneuvers
Stefan Kirschbichler - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH
Numerical Study to Quantify the Potential Influence of Pre-Activated Muscles During the In-crash Phase
Maria González-García, Jens Weber, Dr.-Ing. Henry-Paul Bensler - Volkswagen AG; Prof. Dr. Steffen Peldschus - LMU University of Munich
Integration of the Extended Hill-type Muscle Model with Controller into Occupant and Pedestrian Human Body Models
Dr. Oleksandr Martynenko, Lennart Nölle, Patrick Lerge, Prof. Dr. Syn Schmitt - University of Stuttgart
Active Human Body Models and Associated Risk of Injury for Out-of-Position Occupants in Frontal Crash
Karan Devane, Bharath Koya, Prof. Ph.D. Francis Scott Gayzik - Virginia Tech - Wake Forest University
The EMMA4Drive Project – A New Approach for Occupant Simulation
Dr.-Ing. Joachim Linn - Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM
Assessment of Innovative Restraint Systems for Autonomous Vehicles Using Virthuman Model
Dr. Jan Vychytil - University of West Bohemia et al.
Application of Human Body Models to Analyse the Challenges of Future Occupant Use Cases in Highly Automated Vehicles
Julian Becker, Dr.-Ing. Michael Hamacher - Institute for Automotive Engineering - RWTH Aachen University; Dr.-Ing. Gian Antonio D‘Addetta - Robert Bosch GmbH
With or Without Foot Support? Influence on Reclined SAFER Human Body Model Kinematics and Loading
Krystoffer Mroz, Dr. Nils Lubbe, Martin Östling - Autoliv Research AB


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