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Audi opens new Vehicle Safety Center

The new Audi Vehicle Safety Center on the incampus premises in Ingolstadt provides significantly improved and state-of-the-art crash test facilities. Around 100 million euros were invested in the facility. Among its features are a 250-meter (820 ft) run-up track, a mobile 100-ton crash block, and the ability to collide two vehicles at a 90-degree angle. As a premium brand, Audi is committed to meeting heightened requirements that go beyond current international standards.

Image: Audi

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Launch of the Command and Control Center of Bharat NCAP

article imageUnion minister for Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the Command and Control Center of Bharat NCAP at the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT) in Pune, India on 15 September 2023.

Image: Nitin Gadkari

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Revolutionizing Vehicle Occupant Safety: Advancements paving the Way for a safer Future

article imageIn an era where technology is rapidly transforming various aspects of our lives, the automotive industry is no exception. Today, more than ever, manufacturers, engineers, and researchers are working tirelessly to develop groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to revolutionize how we protect ourselves on the road. Today's roadmap for improving road user safety is hedged on the integration of advanced technologies such as autonomous driving, connected vehicles, and ADAS.

Image: Humanetics

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Hyundai opens Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory in Michigan, USA

article imageHyundai Motor North America and Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc., celebrated the opening of their $51.4 million Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory (STIL) at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Superior Township, Michigan, USA. The ceremony highlighted the capabilities and uniqueness of the new world-class safety laboratory that will help enhance the safety of Hyundai vehicles. The STIL is supported by 160 employees and is planned to be operational by mid-October.

Image: Hyundai Motor North America

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Three 2023 EVs earn TOP SAFETY PICK+ Awards

article imageThree new electric vehicles, the Genesis Electrified GV70, Hyundai Ioniq 6 and Lexus RZ, earn TOP SAFETY PICK+ awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. "It's exciting to see three new EVs from different brands with the highest level of safety," said IIHS President David Harkey. "Making sure safety continues to be a priority in alternatively powered vehicles is critical if we are going to achieve the vision of zero traffic fatalities."

Image: IIHS

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Child Presence Detection System with AI

article imageMarquardt has developed a system that reliably detects whether a child is in the vehicle. The system can recognize the vital signs of the occupants and accurately relay this information to the vehicle's electronics. By analyzing this data, the system can assess the occupant's state of health and, with the integration of additional sensor technology, even approximate their age. This breakthrough enables the triggering of emergency warnings when necessary, which can occur in several steps, depending on the vital information, and may ultimately involve forwarding the data to emergency services.

Image: Marquardt

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Purdue Thermal Imaging Innovation allows AI to see through pitch Darkness like broad Daylight

article imageResearchers at Purdue University are advancing the world of autonomous vehicles with their patent-pending method that improves on traditional machine vision and perception. Zubin Jacob, the Elmore Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and research scientist Fanglin Bao have developed HADAR, or heat-assisted detection and ranging. Their research was featured on the cover of the July 26 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Nature. A video about HADAR is available on YouTube. Nature also has released a podcast episode that includes an interview with Jacob.

Image: Purdue University

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£18.5 Million Funding strengthens the UK s connected and automated Mobility Supply Chain

article imagerFpro has been announced as a consortium partner in two government-funded projects aimed at strengthening the UK s connected and automated mobility supply chain. The £18.5m funding comes from the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) "Commercialising Connected and Automated Mobility: Supply Chain" (CCAMSC) competition. It is spread across 13 projects and involves 43 British companies developing self-driving technologies, products and services ready for the connected and automated mobility (CAM) market.

Image: rFpro

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Saving Lives: 50 Years of Seat Belts in all Opel Vehicles

article imageThe newly developed electric motor, the class-leading Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Light with a total of 168 LED elements, the head-up display or the natural voice recognition "Hey Opel" - the first electrified Opel Astra is full of technical highlights. But the engineers have also further developed the compact class bestseller in less visible areas. One safety specific feature now makes the new Astra Electric even safer: the adaptive belt force limiter. It controls the belt force, which acts on the body during an impact, even more precisely in order to reduce injuries as far as possible and at the same time protect the driver as much as possible.

Image: Opel

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Rohde & Schwarz first to submit 5G next Generation eCall Test Cases for GCF Approval

article imageRohde & Schwarz is first to submit 5G Next Generation eCall (NGeCall) protocol test cases to the 3GPP Global Certification Forum (GCF). The company is also launching a new 5G NGeCall application option that simulates the public safety answering point (PSAP) functions required for the end-to-end conformance tests that verify the interoperability of the equipment under test for the complete communication exchange. Both additions to the Rohde & Schwarz eCall portfolio now support early testing of new 5G Next Generation eCall systems with the R&S CMX500 one-box tester, contributing to a timely introduction of 5G NGeCall.

Image: Rohde & Schwarz

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Evolution of eCall Regulations in Saudi Arabia

article imageOn August 15, 2023, the Saudi Arabian Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) published a draft document for public consultation. It covers the requested technical recommendations for emergency calls and technical connectivity requirements for new light vehicles imported into Saudi Arabia.

Image: UTAC

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3. Report on simulate the Position of Dummies in a Live-fire Generic Hull (GH) Test with PRIMUS and WIAMan

article imageA series of laboratory scale tests using the Crew Compartment Underbody Blast Simulator (CCUBS) were conducted at the Occupant Protection Laboratory (OPL) at Selfridge ANGB, MI. The tests were designed to compare the responses of a PRIMUS dummy to a Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD).

Image: Craig Foster

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Seminars and Events

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carhs.training seminars and events for automotive safety.

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The ADAS Experience 2023
26.09.2023 - 27.09.2023 in Klettwitz
Industry Experts EUR 1850
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Long-Fibre-Reinforced Plastics
29.09.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Thomas Karall - Hof University of Applied Sciences EUR 980
Vehicle Safety under Self-Certification: Principles, Obligations, Enforcement, and Remedies
04.10.2023 - 05.10.2023 in Alzenau
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com EUR 1650
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
10.10.2023 - 11.10.2023 in Alzenau
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1650
Euro NCAP Passive Safety Workshop
12.10.2023 - 13.10.2023 in Landsberg am Lech
Volker Sandner - ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg EUR 1650
Introduction to Impact Biomechanics and Human Body Models
16.10.2023 - 19.10.2023 Online
Dr. Karin Brolin - Lightness by Design AB EUR 1650
Dummy Training Hybrid III 5%, 50%, 95%
16.10.2023 - 17.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1850
CAE - based Acoustic Analysis and Design
16.10.2023 - 26.10.2023 Online
Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Migeot - Hexagon EUR 1590
Scenario-, Simulation- and Data-based Development, Validation and Safeguarding of Automated Driving Functions
17.10.2023 - 18.10.2023 in Alzenau
Dr. Andreas Kuhn - Andata Entwicklungstechnologie GmbH EUR 1650
Dummy Certification Basics Hybrid III 5%, 50%, 95%, 3y/o, 6y/o
18.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Basics of Accident Reconstruction - Module 1
18.10.2023 - 21.10.2023 in Dresden
Jochen Lehmkuhl - Ing. und Sachverständigenbüro Jochen Lehmkuhl, André Rolke - VUFO Dresden EUR 1200
High Speed Cameras Workshop
19.10.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weber - High Speed Vision GmbH EUR 980
Dummy Training Hybrid III 3 and 6 y/o
19.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Design for Durability - Lightweight Car Bodies and Fatigue
20.10.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Jung - Technical University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen EUR 940
Product Liability in the Automobile Industry
23.10.2023 - 24.10.2023 in Alzenau
Hans-Georg Lohrmann - Quality-Reliability-Safety Consultant EUR 1340
Introduction of Reduced Order Modelling and its Application for Model based real-time Optimization
23.10.2023 - 26.10.2023 Online
Dr. Kambiz Kayvantash - CADLM EUR 1340
Dummy Training BioRID II
24.10.2023 - 25.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1850
Development of Frontal Restraint Systems meeting Legal and Consumer Protection Requirements
25.10.2023 - 26.10.2023 in Alzenau
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH EUR 1340
Dummy Certification Basics BioRID II
26.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Simulation of Automated Vehicles - MODULE D: Virtual Test & Certification
26.10.2023 - 11.01.2024 Online
Industrie Expertes EUR 2400
Early Increase of Design Maturity of Restraint System Components in the Reduced Prototype Vehicle Development Process
30.10.2023 in Alzenau
Sandro Hübner - EDAG Engineering GmbH EUR 790
Dummy Training ES-2 / ES-2re
30.10.2023 - 31.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1850
Dummy Certification Basics ES-2 / ES-2re
02.11.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
NCAP - New Car Assessment Programs: Tests, Assessment Methods, Ratings
06.11.2023 - 10.11.2023 Online
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - Federal Highway Reserarch Institute EUR 1340
Crashworthy and Lightweight Car Body Design
07.11.2023 - 10.11.2023 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher - University of Wuppertal EUR 1340
Side Impact - Requirements and Development Strategies
07.11.2023 - 08.11.2023 in Gaimersheim
Stephanie Wolter - BMW Group, Norman Meißner - BMW Group EUR 1340

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