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Large Pickups offer strong Side Protection but falter in Back Seat Safety

Four large pickups offer strong protection in side crashes but fall short when it comes to protecting passengers in the back seat. The Ram 1500 crew cab, Ford F-150 crew cab and Toyota Tundra crew cab - all 2023 models - earn good ratings in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's updated side crash test, while the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab is rated acceptable.

Image: IIHS

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CERTUS to enable quicker, cheaper and safer Vehicle Automation Systems

article imageHORIBA MIRA and four project partners collaborates to enable the development of better and safer automated driving technologies. Since the advent of basic forms of driver aids in the 1970s, the development of automated driving systems has grown exponentially to encompass increasing functionality. But as this growth in automation has increased, the complexity, time and cost of proving these systems has grown at an equivalent rate.


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Toshiba develops world's first LiDAR with 99.9 % Tracking Accuracy

article imageToshiba Corporation, has announced world-first advances in LiDAR: technologies that secure an unmatched accuracy of 99.9 % in object tracking and object recognition of 98.9 % with data acquired by the LiDAR alone. The technologies also significantly improve the environmental robustness and the potential for using LiDAR in many different applications.

Image: Toshiba

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JLR accelerates Electrification with new £250M State-of-the-art Future Energy Lab

article imageJLR unveils its new Future Energy Lab, a £250 million state of the art electric vehicle (EV) test facility, as it prepares to launch nine pure electric luxury models by 2030. The new 323,000 sq. ft. facility at JLR's Whitley Engineering Centre in Coventry, UK will host more than £40 million of technological innovations to enable the rapid testing of EVs, including electric test rigs, Electric Drive Unit (EDU) manufacturing and electric vehicle systems test cells.

Image: JLR

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onsemi collaborates with Renesas to power Best-in-class System Performance for enhanced Safety in Semi-automated Driving

article imageonsemi announced that its Hyperlux Image Sensor Family has been integrated onto Renesas' R-Car V4x Platform to enhance the vision system - and ultimately achieve improved safety - of semi-automated vehicles. The two companies, known for their strategic focus on safety systems and advanced driver assistance systems, empower automotive OEMs and Tier1s with best-in-class sensor performance in tandem with an advanced system-on-a-chip. 

Image: onsemi

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A cooperative Sensor System for reliable assisted Driving

article imagePartners of the research project "VALISENS - Cooperative Sensor System for Assisted Driving" came together for the first consortium meeting at Fraunhofer IVI to present and discuss their initial results. The project's goal is to systematically create a comprehensive environmental perception for assisted driving, encompassing both peripheral infrastructure and the vehicle's ego perspective.

Image: Fraunhoer IVI

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US Regulators should require Motorcycle ABS

article imageIIHS and HLDI have filed a second petition with federal regulators for a mandate for ABS on all new motorcycles. In the 10 years since IIHS and HLDI first called on NHTSA to require ABS on motorcycles, the 27 member states of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and India have all mandated the life-saving technology.

Image: IIHS

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Valeo and Qualcomm deepen Technology Collaboration to support small Mobility (2-Wheelers and 3-Wheelers) in India

article imageValeo and Qualcomm Technologies announced the signature of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore opportunities to work together to innovate for the 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler segments in India. These collaborative efforts are an extension of the two companies long-term working relationship to deliver advanced computing units for telematics and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

Image: Valeo

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Stellantis and Nauto partner to introduce Vehicle Safety Solution specifically designed for Fleet Customers

article imageStellantis and Nauto announced that Nauto's AI-powered vehicle safety solution is now available for Stellantis commercial fleet customers in the U.S. Through this partnership, Stellantis aims to empower fleet owners with a best-in-class vehicle safety solution that provides real-time alerts to help prevent collisions, promotes safer driving behaviors, and helps reduce collision losses.

Image: Stellantis

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TRL to deliver SHARP Helmet Safety Scheme

article imageTRL is proud to announce it has been awarded a contract with the Department for Transport (DfT) to manage and deliver the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (SHARP). The consumer awareness programme was initiated in 2007 to support a reduction in the severe and fatal head injuries typically sustained by motorcyclists in road collision.

Image: TRL

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How much does the Injury Risk between Average Female and Average Male Anthropometry differ?

article imageDifferences in injury risk between females and males are often reported in field data analysis. The aim of this study was to investigate the differences in kinematics and injury risks between average female and male anthropometry in two exemplary use cases. A simulation study comprising the newly introduced VIVA+ human body models (HBM) was performed for two use cases. The first use case relates to whiplash associated disorders sustained in rear impacts and the second to femur fractures in pedestrians impacted by passenger cars as field data indicates that females have higher injury risk compared to males in these scenarios.


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Creating safe and reliable Automated Vehicles that can adapt to any Environmental Challenge

article imageThe integration of advanced sensors, control systems, and computational sources is crucial for future automated vehicles, to ensure their safety, reliability, and compliance with regulations. Despite progress by the Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) industry in this regard, and the evolution of robotics, most automated vehicles (AVs) remain trained and tested under optimal weather conditions and with clear visibility. 


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Virtual Driving Assessment predicts Risk of Crashing for newly licensed Teen Drivers

article imageNew research published by the Pediatrics that driving skills measured at the time of licensure on a virtual driving assessment (VDA), which exposes drivers to common serious crash scenarios, helps predict crash risk in newly licensed young drivers. This study, conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) at Children s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) with colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan, brings the research community one step closer to identifying which skill deficits put young new drivers at higher risk for crashes.

Image: CHOP

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Seminars and Events

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carhs.training seminars and events for automotive safety.

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Crash Safety of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
21.11.2023 - 22.11.2023 in Alzenau
Rainer Justen - Mercedes-Benz AG EUR 1650
Passenger Cars in Low-Speed Crashes
24.11.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Bachem - Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences EUR 980
International Safety and Crash-Test Regulations: Current Status and Future Developments
27.11.2023 - 28.11.2023 in Alzenau
Dr. Thomas Kinsky - Humanetics Europe GmbH EUR 1650
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Long-Fibre-Reinforced Plastics
01.12.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Thomas Karall - Hof University of Applied Sciences EUR 980
NCAP - New Car Assessment Programs: Tests, Assessment Methods, Ratings
04.12.2023 - 08.12.2023 Online,
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute EUR 1650
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
05.12.2023 - 08.12.2023 Online
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1650
Introduction to the Python Programming Language
05.12.2023 - 08.12.2023 Online
Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM GmbH EUR 1650
UpDate Seminar Euro NCAP 2023
12.12.2023 - 13.12.2023 in Hanau
Euro NCAP Experts EUR 1850
Crash-Course Additive Manufacturing
12.12.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Fabian Riß - Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim EUR 940
Design for Additive Manufacturing
13.12.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Fabian Riß - Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim Rosenheim EUR 940
Implementation of Additive Manufacturing Processes in Corporate Environments
14.12.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Fabian Riß - Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim Rosenheim EUR 940
Pedestrian Protection - Development Strategies
05.02.2024 - 06.02.2024 in Alzenau
Maren Finck - carhs.training gmbh EUR 830
Design of Composite Structures
06.02.2024 - 09.02.2024 Online
Dr. Roland Hinterhölzl - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria EUR 1390
Head Impact on Vehicle Interiors: FMVSS 201 and UN R21
06.02.2024 in Alzenau
Torsten Gärtner - Opel Automobile GmbH EUR 830
Euro NCAP - Compact
07.02.2024 in Alzenau
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 830
Automated Driving - Safeguarding and Market Introduction
07.02.2024 - 08.02.2024 Online
Udo Steininger - TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH EUR 830
Material Models of Metals for Crash Simulation
08.02.2024 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Helmut Gese - MATFEM - Partnerschaft Dr. Gese & Oberhofer EUR 830
Passenger Cars in Low-Speed Crashes
19.02.2024 - 20.02.2024 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Bachem - Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences EUR 830
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
20.02.2024 - 21.02.2024 in Alzenau
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1390
Development of Frontal Restraint Systems meeting Legal and Consumer Protection Requirements
20.02.2024 - 23.02.2024 Online
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH EUR 1390
Virtual Testing in Vehicle Safety Regulations and NCAP
21.02.2024 - 22.02.2024 Online
Dr.-Ing. Andre Eggers - BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute EUR 830
Material Models of Composites for Crash Simulation
22.02.2024 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Thomas Karall - Hof University of Applied Sciences EUR 830
Product Liability in the Automobile Industry
26.02.2024 - 29.02.2024 Online
Hans-Georg Lohrmann - Quality-Reliability-Safety Consultant EUR 1390
NVH - Background, Practice and Simulation Methodology
27.02.2024 - 28.02.2024 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Jennewein - Darmstadt UAS, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Zopp - RheinMain UAS EUR 1390
NCAP - New Car Assessment Programs: Tests, Assessment Methods, Ratings
27.02.2024 - 01.03.2024 Online
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute EUR 1390
High Speed Cameras Workshop
29.02.2024 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weber - High Speed Vision GmbH EUR 830

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