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Taiwan NCAP's First Crash Test

In order to improve the safety of domestic vehicles and reduce traffic accidents, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) is actively promoting the Taiwan New Car Safety Assessment Program (TNCAP). On October 27, 2022, the first crash test of Taiwan's new vehicle safety rating was held at the Vehicle Research and Testing Center (VRC) under the auspices of Chairman Qi Wenzhong of the VRC, marking an important milestone in the history of domestic vehicle safety.

Image: VSCC

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Research Collaboration initiated to increase Pedestrian Safety

article imageThe Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and NEC have successfully carried out a proof of concept to provide safety information and warnings to drivers, pedestrians, and other road users near intersections using artificial intelligence (AI)-based video analysis technologies. The project, which finished its first phase in September 2022, analyzed conditions inside and outside an intersection at the Virginia Smart Roads, using information gathered from cameras and video analysis equipment installed on traffic signal poles.

Image: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

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Euro NCAP officially welcomes new Member: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)

article imageIn 2022, Euro NCAP is delighted to officially welcome the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) as a member, further widening the network of European member states, regions, mobility clubs, consumer organizations and auto insurers that work together to advance road safety. NPRA is responsible for all road traffic safety in Norway, with the ambition of zero deaths and severe injured road users by 2050, collaborating and coordinating work with several other national bodies and organisations working in traffic safety.

Image: Euro NCAP

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Continental presents 2-Channel Motorcycle ABS with integrated Sensor Technology

article imageContinental has developed a new generation of its compact 2-channel ABS for motorcycles. In this system (MK 100 MAB PYA), a new type of sensor is optionally integrated directly on the circuit board of the ABS. Thanks to this high integration, a separate motorcycle inertial measurement unit is no longer required. The mechanical holder for it on the motorcycle is eliminated, no wiring harness is required, and production becomes easier for the motorcycle manufacturer. In addition, integrating the sensor on the circuit board is significantly more cost-effective than a separate box, which is particularly relevant in volume models.

Image: Continental

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Socio-economic Costs and Benefits of Vehicle Safety Systems

article imageThe VIRTUAL cost-benefit calculation tool was presented in a poster presentation at the TRA Conference in Lisbon in November 2022. The tool is aimed at calculating the socio-economic costs and benefits of vehicle safety systems. It provides insight in the costs of vehicle safety systems, the safety impacts, quality of life gains, monetary benefits and socio-economic return. The tool serves to support road safety stakeholders in making decision on developing, introducing and implementing (new) vehicle safety systems or new regulation and legislation.


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One in five Deaths of a 17-year-old is the Result of a Road Collision

article imageMore than 15 children and youngsters (aged 0-17) are killed on roads in the European Union on average every week and over 11,000 have died over the last decade, according to a new report by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) and Fundación MAPFRE which looks at how traffic education, particularly among teenagers, needs to be improved across Europe.

Image: ETSC

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Cognata and Foretellix join Forces to deliver End-to-end Solution for AV and ADAS Development, Verification, and Validation

article imageForetellix and Cognata announce a joint solution that pairs Cognata's developers' simulation engine, Enterprise, with Foretellix's Foretify verification and validation platform. The joint solution helps ensure the safety of ADAS and AV systems, reduces development costs, and improves time to market. Based on Cognata s photo-realistic, multi-layered simulation technology and Foretellix's scenario-based, hyper-scale verification and validation platform, the joint solution helps ADAS and AV development teams to perform massive-scale testing of perception and planning throughout the entire development cycle.

Image: Foretellix / Cognata

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USDOT-funded CV Pilot concludes its $27M Initiative

article imageThe Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) announces the conclusion of a $27 million innovation project the agency began in 2015, the THEA CV Pilot. The Pilot implemented connected vehicle (CV) technology into real-life scenarios using the Selmon Expressway as a living lab for testing. The Pilot began in September 2015, when the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) designated THEA as a test bed for CV technology.

Image: Honda

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Major Progress in Auto Industry Commitment to prevent Pediatric Heatstroke

article imageThe Alliance for Automotive Innovation released a new report on the auto industry’s progress toward universal rear seat reminder systems in new vehicles by 2025. Data collected by the association indicates more than 150 vehicle models on the market today include the lifesaving rear seat reminder technology as standard or optional equipment (a three-fold increase in three years). 

Image: Auto Innovators

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Road to Zero Coalition opens Applications for Community Traffic Safety Grants

article imageApplications are now open for the latest round of Community Traffic Safety Grants through the nation’s largest traffic safety coalition, the Road to Zero Coalition, a program managed by the National Safety Council. In 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided funding to support three years of grant opportunities for projects that promise to further the Coalition’s lifesaving mission of achieving zero traffic deaths. Grants can be used to kick start new initiatives or grow existing efforts.

Image: NSC

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Seminars and Events

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UpDate Seminar Euro NCAP 2022
13.12.2022 - 14.12.2022 in Hanau
Euro NCAP Experts EUR 1750
Material Models of Composites for Crash Simulation
03.02.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Thomas Karall - Hof University of Applied Sciences EUR 790
Introduction of Reduced Order Modelling and its Application for Model based real-time Optimization
06.02.2023 - 09.02.2023 Online
Dr. Kambiz Kayvantash - CADLM EUR 1340
Material Models of Metals for Crash Simulation
07.02.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Helmut Gese - MATFEM - Partnerschaft Dr. Gese & Oberhofer EUR 790
NCAP - New Car Assessment Programs - Focus Passive Safety
07.02.2023 - 10.02.2023 Online
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - Federal Highway Reserach Institute EUR 1340
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
14.02.2023 - 17.02.2023 Online
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1340
Structural Mechanics for Simulation Engineers
16.02.2023 - 17.02.2023 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Kolling - Technical University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen EUR 790
Product Liability in the Automobile Industry
20.02.2023 - 23.02.2023 Online
Hans-Georg Lohrmann - Quality-Reliability-Safety Consultant EUR 1340
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Long-Fibre-Reinforced Plastics
23.02.2023 - 24.02.2023 Online
Prof. Dr. Thomas Karall - Hof University of Applied Sciences EUR 790
Automated Driving - Safeguarding and Market Introduction
23.02.2023 - 24.02.2023 Online
Udo Steininger - TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH EUR 790
Structural Optimization in Automotive Design - Theory and Application
27.02.2023 - 28.02.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Lothar Harzheim - Opel Automobile GmbH EUR 790
Passenger Cars in Low-Speed Crashes
27.02.2023 - 28.02.2023 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Bachem - Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences EUR 790
Development of Frontal Restraint Systems meeting Legal and Consumer Protection Requirements
28.02.2023 - 03.03.2023 Online
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH EUR 1340
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
28.02.2023 - 01.03.2023 in Alzenau
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1340
Head Impact on Vehicle Interiors: FMVSS 201 and UN R21
02.03.2023 in Alzenau
Torsten Gärtner - Opel Automobile GmbH EUR 790
Pedestrian Protection - Development Strategies
06.03.2023 in Alzenau
Maren Finck - carhs.training gmbh EUR 790
High Speed Cameras Workshop
07.03.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weber - High Speed Vision GmbH EUR 790
Basics of Occupant Protection in Frontal Crashes: Mechanics, Energy Considerations, Occupant Protection Criteria and Application Examples
09.03.2023 - 10.03.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Eickhoff - Autoliv B.V. & Co. KG EUR 1340
Design and Simulation of Vehicle Vibration
10.03.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Olaf Kolk - BMW Group EUR 790
Modeling of Joints in Crash Simulation
13.03.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Silke Sommer - Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM EUR 790
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving Functions
13.03.2023 - 16.03.2023 Online
Dr. Andreas Kuhn - Andata Entwicklungstechnologie GmbH EUR 1340
Side Impact - Requirements and Development Strategies
14.03.2023 - 15.03.2023 in Alzenau
Stephanie Wolter - BMW Group, Norman Meißner - BMW Group EUR 1340
NVH - Background, Practice and Simulation Methodology
20.03.2023 - 21.03.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Jennewein - Darmstadt UAS, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Zopp - RheinMain UAS EUR 1340

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