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NHTSA takes Steps to advance Safety in Crashes involving Passenger Vehicles, Trucks and Trailers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration named the members of its Advisory Committee on Underride Protection, which will make recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation on safety regulations related to underride crashes that have caused severe injury and death. NHTSA is also publishing an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to consider requirements for side underride guards.

Image: NHTSA

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Higher Point of Impact makes SUV Crashes more Dangerous for Cyclists

article imageSUVs cause more severe injuries than cars when they hit bicyclists likely because the vehicles' tall front ends strike the bicyclists higher on their bodies, a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows. "SUVs tend to knock riders down, where they can also be run over, rather than vaulting them onto the hood of the vehicle," said IIHS Statistician Sam Monfort, the lead author of the study. "That's probably because the higher front end of an SUV strikes the cyclist above their center of gravity."

Image: IIHS

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Future Pedestrians may be assisted by Robots and smart Grilles

article imageA traffic light robot glides out onto a pedestrian crossing. It stops the oncoming cars and shows a green light to pedestrians. A car's radiator grille shows the pedestrians a similar signal. Sci-fi? No, the not-too-distant future.

Image: SKODA

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AstaZero releases ATOS

article imageAstaZero releases ATOS (Automated vehicle Test Operating System) as an open-source project. ATOS is an ISO 22133-compliant and ROS2-based scenario execution engine designed for controlling, monitoring, and coordinating physical and virtual vehicles and equipment.

Image: AstaZero

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NHTSA estimates for 2022 show Roadway Fatalities remain flat after two Years of dramatic Increases

article imageThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its latest projections for traffic fatalities of the United States in 2022, estimating that 42,795 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. This represents a small decrease of about 0.3 % as compared to 42,939 fatalities reported for 2021. The estimated fatality rate decreased to 1.35 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2022, down from 1.37 fatalities per 100 million VMT in 2021.

Image: NHTSA

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ESI Group celebrates 50 Years

article imageThe ESI Group announces a dynamic new brand identity to mark its 50th anniversary. The company's cultural transformation and revamped strategy to focus on core business and global operations have inspired this updated branding. The new look of ESI symbolizes the company's dedication to innovation and its mission to shape a better future for the industry.

Image: ESI

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Seeing Machines demonstrates Interior Sensing Technology

article imageSeeing Machines demonstrated its world-leading interior sensing technology alongside the 2023 ESV Conference. Seeing Machines' immersive technology demonstrations hold by appointment at a private meeting space in the Intercontinental Yokohama Grand and in our demo car, showcased the Company's latest groundbreaking software and algorithm developments for its FOVIO driver and occupant monitoring system (DMS/OMS) technology solutions.

Image: Seeing Machines

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AVL and AIT cooperate: Highly Automated Automotive Cyber Security Software for Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment

article imageAIT and AVL announced a partnership to provide the industry with automated cybersecurity threat and risk analysis based on ISO/SAE 21434 as an integrated software solution. As the volume and complexity of software in vehicles, often referred to as the "data center on wheels," increases, so do the attack surfaces for cyberattacks in the automotive market. UNECE WP.29 R155 and the ISO/SAE 21434 standard require OEMs and their supply chain to implement and certify a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS).

Image: AIT / AVL

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What is automotive NVH?

article imageAsk a child what sound a car makes, and the typical answer is, "vroom-vroom!" Ask an automotive engineer the same question, and the response will be much more complex. From the hum of wind passing a side mirror to the enhanced acceleration of an electric vehicle, the many sounds a car makes are critical to the overall driving experience. To design, identify and optimize automotive sounds, engineers rely on a field called NVH.

Image: ANSYS

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Essential European Road Safety Research lacking

article imageIn a position paper, FERSI expresses its concern that European road safety research is no longer delivering what it ought to, impeding the improvements needed to achieve the European ambitious road safety targets. The paper details how the structure of road safety research funding in Europe impacts the potential progress that can be made in European road safety ánd provides some suggestions for solutions.

Image: FERSI

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$15 Million USD USDOT Grant bolsters regional Research Hub led by U-M

article imageThe University of Michigan will continue to lead regional efforts aimed at transitioning the nation to connected and automated vehicles-bolstered by a new $15 million USD, five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation announced in February 2023. The grant renews and expands the Center for Connected and Automated Transportation, based in Ann Arbor and led by U-M.

Image: University of Michigan

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Can we kick Impaired Driving to the Curb?

article imageMaking roads safer often involves doing a lot of little things. There's no single reason crashes occur and no single way to protect people from death and injury. When we discuss a given solution - whether it s in the realm of vehicle technology, road design or enforcement - we are usually talking about shaving off a few hundred fatalities from the annual toll at best. But recent action by Congress opens the door to something much bigger. If we seize this opportunity, we could put an end to one of the most persistent highway safety problems - impaired driving - and prevent more than 9,000 deaths a year.

Image: IIHS

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SAFE-UP - Final Event

article imageOn May 17, 2023 at Applus+ IDIADA in Tarragona Spain there will be the opportunity to view the final demonstrators of the SAFE-UP project and gain insight into the project. The SAFE-UP project dealt with the development and research of active and passive safety systems and tools for future autonomous vehicles since 2020. Considering the long experience with human body models, the Virtual Vehicle work focused on the verification and validation of occupant models, especially on the kinematics of occupants shortly before impact.

Image: SAFE-UP

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Seminars and Events

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carhs.training seminars and events for automotive safety.

All seminars are available as in-house trainings in both German and English!

Vehicle Safety under Self-Certification
02.05.2023 - 05.05.2023 Online
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com EUR 1650
Dummy Certification Basics WorldSID 50%
04.05.2023 - 05.05.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 2075
Head Impact on Vehicle Interiors: FMVSS 201 and UN R21
05.05.2023 in Alzenau
Torsten Gärtner - Opel Automobile GmbH EUR 980
Dummy Training THOR
08.05.2023 - 10.05.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 2940
CAE - based Acoustic Analysis and Design
08.05.2023 - 17.05.2023 Online
Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Migeot - Hexagon EUR 1590
Crashworthy and Lightweight Car Body Design
10.05.2023 - 11.05.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher - Univeryity of Wuppertal EUR 1650
Dummy Certification Basics THOR (Draft Procedure)
11.05.2023 - 12.05.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 2940
Dummy Training Q1.5, Q3, Q6
15.05.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Dummy Training Q10
16.05.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Dummy Certification Basics Q-Dummys
17.05.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
SafetyTesting Challenge 2023
23.05.2023 in Würzburg
Industry Experts from EUR 990
SafetyUpDate 2023
24.05.2023 - 25.05.2023 in Würzburg
Industry Experts from EUR 990
Auto[nom]Mobil 2023
24.05.2023 - 25.05.2023 in Würzburg
Industry Experts from EUR 990
Python based Machine Learning with Automotive Applications
30.05.2023 - 02.06.2023 in Online,
Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM GmbH EUR 1340
Briefing on the Worldwide Status of Automated Vehicle Policies
06.06.2023 - 07.06.2023 Online
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com EUR 790
The ADAS Experience 2023 China
07.06.2023 - 08.06.2023 in Wuzhen, China
Industry Experts from EUR 390
18th PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection 2023
13.06.2023 - 14.06.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
Industry Experts EUR 1590
Automated Driving - Safeguarding and Market Introduction
14.06.2023 in Alzenau
Udo Steininger - TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH EUR 790
Euro NCAP Passive Safety Workshop
15.06.2023 - 16.06.2023 in Landsberg am Lech
Volker Sandner - ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg EUR 1340
Simulation of Automated Vehicles - MODULE B: Sensors
15.06.2023 - 03.08.2023 Online
Industry Experts EUR 2400
Material Models of Composites for Crash Simulation
16.06.2023 - 23.06.2023 Online
Prof. Dr. Thomas Karall - Hof University of Applied Sciences EUR 790
Side Impact - Requirements and Development Strategies
19.06.2023 - 22.06.2023 Online
Stephanie Wolter - BMW Group, Norman Meißner - BMW Group EUR 1340
Head Impact on Vehicle Interiors: FMVSS 201 and UN R21
22.06.2023 - 23.06.2023 Online
Torsten Gärtner - Opel Automobile GmbH EUR 790
NCAP - New Car Assessment Programs - Fokus Aktive Sicherheit
26.06.2023 - 27.06.2023 in Alzenau
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute EUR 1340
Development of Frontal Restraint Systems meeting Legal and Consumer Protection Requirements
27.06.2023 - 28.06.2023 in Gaimersheim
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH EUR 1340
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
28.06.2023 - 29.06.2023 in Alzenau
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1340

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