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Reversing Technologies on new Vehicles to save Lives and prevent serious Injuries on Australian Roads

All new vehicles entering the Australian market will soon need to be fitted with life-saving reversing technologies, thanks to a new vehicle standard released. The new standard, called Australian Design Rule 108/00 Reversing Technologies, will apply to all types of light, medium and heavy vehicles. This includes everyday cars through to heavy goods trucks.

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Nissan adds Intersection Collision Avoidance to its In-development LIDAR-based Driver-assistance Technology

article imageNissan carried out another demonstration of its in-development LIDAR-based advanced driver-assistance technology, which now features intersection collision avoidance. An event held at a Nissan facility here showcased the technology s ability to perform certain automatic collision-avoidance maneuvers in the more complex environment of intersections.

Image: Nissan

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Press Conference: Need for Autonomous Vehicles Regulations

article imageSafety leaders, victims' advocates and others voiced their concerns about legislation on autonomous vehicles (AVs) which does not include needed safeguards and regulations to protect all road users in advance of a hearing on legislation, July 26, 2023, convened by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Innovation, Data, and Commerce.

Image: Advocates for Highway Safety

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SMVIC co-approved Euro NCAP Test Facility launch in China

article imageThe Chinese test center SMVIC (Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification & Tech Innovation Center) has been co-approved as a Euro NCAP test facility. UTAC, official Euro NCAP lab since 2001, is proud to have supported SMVIC to achieve this outstanding result.

Image: UTAC

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Lighting Technology at the highest Level: HELLA and Porsche launch world's first SSL | HD Matrix Headlamp

article imageHELLA and the luxury car manufacturer Porsche, have, in close cooperation with other partners, launched the world's first high-resolution headlamp based on matrix LED technology. With over 32,000 individually controllable pixels per headlamp, it raises automotive lighting technology to a new level. The digital headlamp system SSL | HD is now available for the first time in the new Porsche Cayenne as optional extra equipment.

Image: HELLA

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Cooperation between ASAM and The Autonomous

article imageThe standardization organization ASAM e. V., which defines technical standards for the development, testing and Validation of vehicles, and The Autonomous, an initiative by TTTech Auto AG to promote safety as well as risk and cost reduction in the development of autonomous mobility, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), thus creating the prerequisites and framework for cooperation.

Image: ASAM / TTTech

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Ansys enables Flexium to Advance ADAS/AV Technology

article imageFlexium uses Ansys simulation solutions to explore design ideas, and develop and test antenna modules for high-frequency signal transceiver designs used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) applications.

Image: Ansys

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dSPACE integrates RoboSense Models in Sensor Simulation Solution and accelerates the Development and Validation of Lidar Technologies

article imageIn a technology partnership, dSPACE has integrated sensor models from RoboSense, a leading international technology company for smart lidar systems, into AURELION, the dSPACE sensor simulation solution. The objective of both companies is to accelerate the development, testing, and validation of lidar functions in ADAS and AD applications.

Image: dSPACE

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Smartphones lead to Distraction. Could they also prevent it?

article imageWhen we think about distracted driving, we automatically think of smartphones. They're indispensable. They're addictive. They can also be dangerous. Crash data based on police reports indicate that around 3,350 people were killed in all distraction-related crashes and 382 died in crashes involving cell phone use in 2021.

Image: IIHS

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Valeo and DiDi Autonomous Driving have reached a strategic Cooperation and Investment Agreement to jointly develop Safety Solutions for Robotaxis

article imageValeo and DiDi Autonomous Driving announced a new strategic cooperation and investment agreement. Valeo intends to invest in DiDi Autonomous Driving and the two partners will develop intelligent safety solutions for L4 robotaxis together.

Image: Valeo

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ZF Group and Foxconn partner in Passenger Car Chassis Systems

article imageZF Friedrichshafen AG and Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) announced a 50-50 partnership in passenger car chassis systems, a key move aimed at accelerating and expanding automotive and supply chain opportunities with top-tier customers.

Image: ZF

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TRI-STATE Thermal Safety Concepts for Battery Systems

article imageDevelopment of a combined multiphysics simulation model, and improved short circuit prediction of Li-ion cells. In May 2023, the final meeting of the FFG project TRI-STATE took place in Graz. In the project, the partners Magna, Kreisel and Austrian Institute of Technology worked for 33 months on the development of a combined multiphysics simulation model to evaluate thermal safety in vehicles.


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AAA Research reveals the Importance of Considering the Needs of all Road Users

article imageDrivers desiring faster commutes might view a higher speed limit as a boon, but is it always the safest choice? And what about the safety needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and others?  A new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that raising posted speed limits may do little to save time and increase traffic flow but could lead to more crashes, injuries, and deaths.

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Seminars and Events

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carhs.training seminars and events for automotive safety.

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Basics of Occupant Protection in Frontal Crashes: Mechanics, Energy Considerations, Occupant Protection Criteria and Application Examples
29.08.2023 - 30.08.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Eickhoff - Autoliv B.V. & Co. KG EUR 1340
Passenger Cars in Low-Speed Crashes
31.08.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Bachem - Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences EUR 790
Pedestrian Protection Workshop Vehicle Mark-Up
04.09.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Material Models of Plastics and Foams for Crash Simulation
05.09.2023 - 08.09.2023 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Kolling - Technical University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen EUR 1340
Pedestrian Protection Workshop Testing
05.09.2023 - 06.09.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1960
Pedestrian Protection Workshop aPLI
07.09.2023 - 08.09.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1960
Head Impact on Vehicle Interiors: FMVSS 201 and UN R21
11.09.2023 in Alzenau
Torsten Gärtner - Opel Automobile GmbH EUR 790
Simulation of Automated Vehicles - MODULE C: Scenarios & Driving Functions
13.09.2023 - 10.11.2023 Online
Industry Experts EUR 2400
NCAP - New Car Assessment Programs - Focus Passive Safety
14.09.2023 - 15.09.2023 in Alzenau
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute EUR 1340
International Safety and Crash-Test Regulations: Current Status and Future Developments
18.09.2023 - 21.09.2023 Online
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com EUR 1340
SafetyUpDate Austria 2023
19.09.2023 - 20.09.2023 in Graz, Austria
Industry Experts EUR 1590
Pedestrian Protection - Test Procedures
19.09.2023 - 21.09.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 2520
Whiplash Testing and Evaluation in Rear Impacts
25.09.2023 in Alzenau
Thomas Frank - LEAR Corporation GmbH EUR 790
Material Models of Metals for Crash Simulation
26.09.2023 - 27.09.2023 Online
Dr.-Ing. Helmut Gese - MATFEM Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH EUR 790
The ADAS Experience 2023
26.09.2023 - 27.09.2023 in Klettwitz
Industry Experts EUR 1590
Dummy Basics
26.09.2023 - 27.09.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1850
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Long-Fibre-Reinforced Plastics
29.09.2023 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr. Thomas Karall - Hof University of Applied Sciences EUR 790
Development of Frontal Restraint Systems - Advanced
29.09.2023 in Gaimersheim
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH EUR 790
Vehicle Safety under Self-Certification: Principles, Obligations, Enforcement, and Remedies
04.10.2023 - 05.10.2023 in Alzenau
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com EUR 1340
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving Functions
05.10.2023 - 06.10.2023 in Alzenau
Dr. Andreas Kuhn - Andata Entwicklungstechnologie GmbH EUR 1340
Workshop Pedestrian Protection and Low Speed Crash
09.10.2023 in Alzenau
Maren Finck - carhs.training gmbh EUR 790
NVH - Background, Practice and Simulation Methodology
09.10.2023 - 12.10.2023 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Jennewein - Darmstadt UAS, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Zopp - RheinMain UAS EUR 1340
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
10.10.2023 - 11.10.2023 in Alzenau
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1340
Euro NCAP Passive Safety Workshop
12.10.2023 - 13.10.2023 in Landsberg am Lech
Volker Sandner - ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg EUR 1340
Static Vehicle Safety Tests in Automotive Development
12.10.2023 in Alzenau
Louis Gautrain - ACTS GmbH & Co. KG, Matthias Kunkel - ACTS GmbH & Co. KG EUR 790
Python based Machine Learning with Automotive Applications
12.10.2023 - 13.10.2023 in Alzenau
Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM GmbH EUR 1340
Introduction to Impact Biomechanics and Human Body Models
16.10.2023 - 19.10.2023 Online
Dr. Karin Brolin - Lightness by Design AB EUR 1340
Dummy Training Hybrid III 5%, 50%, 95%
16.10.2023 - 17.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1850
CAE - based Acoustic Analysis and Design
16.10.2023 - 26.10.2023 Online
Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Migeot - Hexagon EUR 1340
Scenario-, Simulation- and Data-based Development, Validation and Safeguarding of Automated Driving Functions
17.10.2023 - 18.10.2023 in Alzenau
Dr. Andreas Kuhn - Andata Entwicklungstechnologie GmbH EUR 1340
Dummy Certification Basics Hybrid III 5%, 50%, 95%, 3y/o, 6y/o
18.10.2023 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
High Speed Cameras Workshop
19.10.2023 in Alzenau
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weber - High Speed Vision GmbH EUR 790

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