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C-IASI, IVISTA and C-AHI Protocols in English published

The C-IASI, IVISTA and C-AHI version 2023 protocols in English was published.


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Cars will need Buttons not just Touchscreens to get a 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating

article imageThe consumer vehicle safety rating organisation Euro NCAP has announced changes to its protocols from next year to require physical controls for key functions. Matthew Avery, director of strategic development at Euro NCAP, told The Sunday Times newspaper: "The overuse of touchscreens is an industry-wide problem, with almost every vehicle-maker moving key controls onto central touchscreens, obliging drivers to take their eyes off the road and raising the risk of distraction crashes."

Image: ETSC

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Subaru and Dell Technologies advance AI Development for Driver Assist Technology

article imageSubaru Corporation is teaming with Dell Technologies to help improve driver safety through the powerful combination of AI and high-performance storage. The collaboration is indicative of AI s profound impact on transforming one of the most common means of transportation, aiming to help make it safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. 

Image: Dell

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For safer Roads: Bosch teams up with Microsoft to explore new Frontiers with Generative AI

article imageIt's a scenario that no driver ever wants to see: a ball rolling out into the road. The chances are it will be followed immediately by a child in hot pursuit, oblivious to any traffic. But while human drivers can assess this situation using their contextual knowledge, today's assisted and automated driving systems still have to learn how to do it.

Image: Bosch

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Safety Update for Two-wheelers

article imageMotorcycles are currently undergoing a major safety update. Electronically controlled safety systems have now arrived in the two-wheeler sector following their triumphant advance in cars: Cornering ABS and traction control, riding modes and active suspension, cruise control, cornering lights and lane assist are designed to make the lives of bikers not only more comfortable, but above all safer.

Image: DEKRA

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UTAC is accredited Technical Service by the Swedish Authorities

article imageThe SVT, the Swedish Transport Agency - has just accredited UTAC as a technical service. Concretely, UTAC can now carry out all the tests and approval reports for manufacturers and equipment suppliers who wish to obtain approval from the Swedish authorities for any type of vehicle.

Image: UTAC

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JOYNEXT takes the Black Box for Autonomous Driving to a new technical Level

article imageJOYNEXT is developing a black box, the DSSAD. The driving data storage system from the automotive electronics specialist enables the continuous recording of complex and extensive vehicle data structures such as CAN, GNSS and a variety of sensor data such as camera, V2X, LiDAR and radar data. Both a hardware and a software solution will be available on the market. This approach provides the flexibility to meet customer requirements and standards.


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Relocation of the Munich Site of SGS Group Germany from Hofmannstrasse to Puchheim near Munich

article imageThe Munich branch of the SGS Group Germany, which focuses on high-tech services, has moved to its new location in Puchheim, Benzstraße in the west of Munich and is significantly expanding its service options in this context. Services are offered in the context of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio, product safety, medical device testing, fire and flammability testing and lighting technology.

Image: SGS-TÜV Saar

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Autocrypt and MicroNova launch strategic Partnership to advance Automotive Cybersecurity

article imageThe increasing digitalization of vehicles is creating the need for innovative approaches to combat cyberattacks and ensure the integrity of vehicle electronics. The memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies specifies that they will work together on test solutions for the cybersecurity field. The focus will be on pentests (penetration tests) and fuzzing (automated software tests) as well as data forensics and vulnerability management during the test phase.

Image: MicroNova

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ZF opens State-of-the-art Automotive Technology Center in Monterrey, Mexico

article imageZF officially opened the campus that will house four corporate function hubs for North America and the company's first R&D center in Mexico. The new building joins the advanced electronic components manufacturing plant that began production in 2023, thus completing the Monterrey campus - a strategic complex for the leading automotive technology company at a regional and global level. It is the first mult-functional and multi-divisional campus for ZF in Mexico. 

Image: ZF

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Automated Driving: Scientists test Radar Sensors in a virtual Environment

article imageVehicles are approved for road use after they have undergone extensive road safety tests. However, suitable test and approval procedures still need to be developed for automated driving cars. In the German-Japanese research project VIVID, a research team from TU Ilmenau, together with a large project consortium, tested various scenarios in road traffic in a virtual environment and tested radar sensors to detect the surroundings. Their research results are now being used by well-known automotive companies and are contributing to the development of automated networked driving.

Image: TU Illmenau

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Successful Installation of ADDITIUM Multi E-Launcher System at CATC

article imageA complete Multi E-Launcher Test System, designed and supplied by ADDITIUM, has recently been successfully installed in Changchun Automotive Test Center (CATC) in Changchun, one of China's first national automotive quality inspection and testing center.


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NHTSA launches Put the Phone Away or Pay Campaign; Releases 2023 Fatality Early Estimates

article imageThe campaign launches as NHTSA released new 2022 distraction data and preliminary traffic fatality data for 2023. These latest numbers underscore the toll of being distracted behind the wheel. In 2022, 3,308 people were killed and an estimated additional 289,310 people were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers.

Image: NHTSA

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Seminars and Events

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automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2024
16.04.2024 - 17.04.2024 in Hanau
Industry Experts EUR 1390
Crash Safety of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
23.04.2024 - 24.04.2024 in Alzenau
Rainer Justen - Mercedes-Benz AG EUR 1690
Introduction to Active Safety of Vehicles
23.04.2024 - 24.04.2024 Online
Dr.-Ing. Gerd Müller - Technical University Berlin EUR 990
Dummy Training WorldSID 50%
23.04.2024 - 24.04.2024 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1960
Side Impact - Requirements and Development Strategies
24.04.2024 - 25.04.2024 in Alzenau
Stephanie Wolter - BMW AG, Norman Meißner - BMW AG EUR 1690
Dummy Certification Basics WorldSID 50%
25.04.2024 - 26.04.2024 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 2075
Vehicle Safety under Self-Certification
06.05.2024 - 09.05.2024 Online
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com EUR 1690
Dummy Training Q1.5, Q3, Q6
06.05.2024 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Child Protection in Front and Side Impacts - Current and Future Requirements
06.05.2024 in Alzenau
Britta Schnottale - BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute EUR 990
Robust Design - Vehicle Development under Uncertainty
07.05.2024 - 08.05.2024 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Fabian Duddeck - Technical University Munich EUR 1390
Early Increase of Design Maturity of Restraint System Components in the Reduced Prototype Vehicle Development Process
07.05.2024 - 08.05.2024 Online
Sandro Hübner - EDAG Engineering GmbH EUR 830
Introduction to the Python Programming Language
07.05.2024 - 08.05.2024 in Alzenau
Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM GmbH EUR 1390
Dummy Training Q10
07.05.2024 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Dummy Certification Basics Q-Dummys
08.05.2024 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 1150
Dummy Training THOR
13.05.2024 - 15.05.2024 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 2940
SafetyTesting Challenge 2024
14.05.2024 in Hanau
Industry Experts EUR 990
SafetyUpDate 2024
15.05.2024 - 16.05.2024 in Hanau
Industry Experts EUR 990
Auto[nom]Mobil 2024
15.05.2024 - 16.05.2024 in Hanau
Industry Experts EUR 990
Dummy Certification Basics THOR (Draft Procedure)
16.05.2024 - 17.05.2024 in Bergisch Gladbach
BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH EUR 2940
Simulation of Automated Vehicles - MODULE B: Sensors
16.05.2024 - 19.07.2024 Online
Industry Experts EUR 2400
Rear Seat Occupant Protection in Frontal Impact
22.05.2024 - 23.05.2024 Online
Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Eickhoff - Autoliv B.V. & Co. KG EUR 1390
Basics of Accident Reconstruction - Module 2
22.05.2024 - 25.05.2024 in Dresden
Alexander Hauck - VUFO Dresden, Erik Sinen - VUFO Dresden EUR 1400
Basics of Homologation - based on the Practical Experience of an Independent Developer
23.05.2024 Online
Christian Radt - EDAG Engineering GmbH EUR 415
Automated Driving - Safeguarding and Market Introduction
05.06.2024 in Alzenau
Udo Steininger - TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH EUR 830
Structural Mechanics for Simulation Engineers
06.06.2024 - 07.06.2024 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Kolling - Technical University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen EUR 830
Crashworthy and Lightweight Car Body Design
06.06.2024 - 07.06.2024 in Alzenau
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher - University of Wuppertal EUR 1390
Crash Safety of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
10.06.2024 - 13.06.2024 Online
Rainer Justen - Mercedes-Benz AG EUR 1390
International Safety and Crash-Test Regulations: Current Status and Future Developments
10.06.2024 - 13.06.2024 Online
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com EUR 1390
Robust Design - Vehicle Development under Uncertainty
10.06.2024 - 13.06.2024 Online
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Fabian Duddeck - Technical Universtiy Munich EUR 1390
Introduction to Passive Safety of Vehicles
11.06.2024 - 14.06.2024 Online
Ralf Reuter - carhs.training gmbh EUR 1390

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